Real Glasgow wedding inspires new BBC drama with Guilt and River City stars

Create Anything/BBC Scotland.
Create Anything/BBC Scotland.

A real Glasgow wedding has inspired a new BBC drama to be released this month.

The Wedding, produced by BBC Scotland, will tell the story of a wedding between a white Scottish bride and a groom with mixed Kenyan and Ugandan roots.

It will be a six-part series of short films, each from the perspective of a different character with a role in the big day.

The series is the latest project by acclaimed filmmaker Stewart Kyasimire, whose previous work includes the BAFTA-nominated Black and Scottish documentary.

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Stewart was inspired to make the drama after his own wedding to his wife Emma in Glasgow earlier this year.

Stewart Kyasimire. Photo: Create Anything/BBC Scotland

James Bond and Prime Suspect actor Colin Salmon attended the wedding as a good friend of Stewart’s, and the pair began snowballing ideas for a new project based on the event.

Stewart said: “I’ve always had a love for celebrating and bringing together the black community, so following the success of my BAFTA-nominated documentary Black and Scottish I once again wanted to find a way to highlight and celebrate the Black and Scottish community.

“And The Wedding is an idea based on my own wedding which took place this year in May. I should stress, that while my own wedding inspired some of the drama, the stories and characters are not based on friends and relatives.

“Thinking of ideas, I figured what better way to show commonality and love than our almost universal celebration of just that, a wedding.

“I hope The Wedding will showcase how we all have much more in common with each other than we think, despite our apparent differences in race, religion, and gender.”

Moyo Akande. Photo: Create Anything/BBC Scotland

Among the cast is Guilt star Moyo Akandé, Nandi Hudson, from Netflix’s Army of Thieves, River City’s Brian James Leys, Michelle Chantelle Hopewell, Bruce Fummey and Lola Aluko.

Stewart said: “Our six characters are chosen because they all have something that the audience can resonate with from their own lives, no matter their race. The stories purposely don’t emphasise trauma, but instead emphasise commonality and love.

“Behind the camera myself and the production team also wanted to showcase that it is possible to put together a diverse crew in Scotland. And I think in the end our production team was 75% People of Colour."

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The series will be shown on iPlayer on October 24, in line with Black History Month.

Stewart added: “I think I just wanted to create a series of films that showed generations growing up and mixing in an increasingly diverse world, that it is okay to mix and integrate and that it is a reality we can all picture. And what better time to celebrate that than in Black History Month.”

Brian James Leys. Photo: Create Anything/BBC Scotland

Gavin Smith, Commissioning Executive at BBC Scotland, added: “This is a universal drama, with pathos, relatable situations and a good dose of light-hearted humour, which can be enjoyed by people from all backgrounds across Scotland.

“But we are also delighted to be backing a project, which clearly celebrates Black and Scottish heritage and that is powered by a vibrant community of Black talent based in Scotland.”

The Wedding will be shown on BBC iPlayer from October 24 and on BBC Scotland at a later date.