Real Housewives of Salt Lake City: Why Does Everyone Hate Monica?! — Watch Video

Looks like there’s a Real Housewives of Salt Lake City spin-off brewing: Everybody Hates Monica.

But why? So far this season, Monica Garcia has taken swings at Baby Gorgeous (aka Lisa Barlow), shared her fraught relationship with her mother on camera and detailed her marriage-ruining affair with her husband’s brother. (Wow!) What’s not to like? The woman is helping RHOSLC produce its best season yet!

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But within the cast, she’s apparently not so beloved. (Reports are swirling, but we need answers from the ladies themselves!) At BravoCon last weekend, TVLine chatted with some of the Salt Lake Housewives, who offered a glimpse into the major rift between the entire cast and Monica.

According to Heather Gay, Monica hasn’t been welcomed into the group because, “We have some great history and so many layers to our friendships. We’re a tight, hard group to infiltrate, I guess.”

Angie Katsanevas hinted that Monica isn’t supportive of the group. “I think that the biggest thing that I learned is, just the friendships,” she said. “And how important it is to support friends and be truthful and be honest. You know, sometimes we talk, but to always be supportive.”

Supportive, but not of Monica it seems! Monica herself told TVLine she’s not speaking with Lisa and her other castmates. She said they wouldn’t be spending time together during the weekend’s festivities in Las Vegas.

As it stands in Season 4, Monica is actively feuding with Lisa but she seems to be on good terms with everyone else. So how will we get to this place?!

Whose side are you on? Watch the full interviews above with Monica, Angie, Heather and Whitney, then let us know in the comments!

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