Real Housewives star Dawn Ward breaks silence after she is cleared of anti-Semitic abuse and cocaine possession

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Dawn Ward (Instagram)
Dawn Ward (Instagram)

Dawn Ward has broken her silence after she was cleared by a jury of yelling anti-Semitic abuse and possessing cocaine.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star, 48, was accused of accosting Jake and Sam Jacobs during a drunk row at Euston station.

She was alleged to have slapped Jake across the face and shouted “Shut up, you Jewish c***” after he called her “botox face” during a tense confrontation.

Police later found a small amount of cocaine in her handbag – but she has since been cleared of drug possession after claiming it was not hers.

The reality TV star has taken to Instagram to thank her friends and family for their support after she was cleared by a jury at London’s Royal Courts of Justice on Friday.

However, she admitted she is still “prone to tears and crying” following the case and doesn’t believe she “will ever truly get over this”.

Ms Ward wrote: “After the most stressful traumatic period of my life I would like to thank all those people who have supported me and lifted my morale when I was truly and utterly flattened.

“…I was found not guilty by 12 random, conscientious, jurors who left no stone unturned in their efforts to deliver justice.”

She added: “I am still prone to tears and crying as I write this post. I don’t believe I will ever truly get over this…Anybody who remotely knows me knows I stand for equality of race, religion and sexuality and I will continue to live my life to these values and raise my children to do the same.”

During her trial, the interior designer said she had been accused of hiding her racism by allowing her 23-year-old daughter Taylor to marry Manchester City footballer Riyad Mahrez.

Ms Ward, who lives in a £15million mansion in Cheshire, also said her daughters have been targeted with abuse from internet trolls in the wake of the case.

She insisted she didn’t know the Jacobs brothers were Jewish when she encountered them as they asked staff about delays at Euston station in North London in October 2019.

However, she admitted she had "too many glasses of wine" at The Ritz with her agent and said she was in good spirits following the completion of a five-year job.

And she described lightly tapping property developer Jake’s cheek after he called her "botox face" and told her: "You think you’re it."

The court also heard she had called Jake’s girlfriend, Samantha Eisner, a "little disease". Ms Eiser’s grandfather was an Auschwitz survivor

Ms Ward was cleared of two counts of causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress and one count of possessing cocaine.

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