Real-Life Jack and Rose? Guy Hums Titanic Theme as Pair Crawl Out of Water at Singapore Marina

A photo opportunity did not go according to plan when a woman who was standing too close to the sea at a marina in Singapore slipped and fell into shallow waters on August 15.

This footage by onlooker Hafiz Bin Hadinan captured the woman – who appears to be unharmed – crawling out of the water and onto the shore at Marina East Breakwater.

One of her friends can be seen trying to give her a helping hand, and he also ends up in the water, prompting Hadinan to begin humming the theme song from the iconic 1990s film Titanic.

“The lady was standing too close to the bottom of the breakwater to take photos or videos; she slipped. The guy who is her friend came to the rescue and eventually slipped and fell,” Hadinan told Storyful.

Hadinan mentioned that the man was “lucky he did not hit his head,” and said that he was not in a position to help the pair as he was “behind the railing and far from them.”

Hadinan said, “I hummed the Titanic theme song as I see this as very dramatic. And I always try to make a joke out of a serious situation to ease the tension.”

Thankfully, the two managed to get back on dry land safely, thanks to some help from their friends. Credit: Hafiz Bin Hadinan via Storyful

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