• S
    I bet the new ones won't have lovely big gardens like the old ones have.
  • M
    They look like OK houses. Can't they be simply brought up-to-date, rather than being demolished?
  • B
    I don’t blame her not to leave
  • m
    So what's an "Up Woman"?
  • L
    Is there any possibility that this land will be recycled into more modern 'social' housing...??
  • m
    They look like they could be fabulous houses? Modernising? To what? Seems to me like some back handers may have changed hands here.
  • l
    long a go
    they can come and demolish our high street as there is nothing left only charity shops !
  • B
    The council will sell the land to a big property developer like Bellway ,Persimmon or Miller Homes who will demolish these old houses which cost a lot of money for them to maintain .
    The council will sell the land to the highest bidder to the likes of i.e Bellway,Persimmon or Miller homes etc who will build a new housing estate on the land and majority of people moving in will pay full "Concil Tax" ,generating more more £ for the local council .
  • N
    council wasting cash again, fix up the houses, most new ones are built shoddy
  • R
    This is what being British is all about. The council probably likes the look of all that land in the gardens if the truth was known. Why have gardens when you can build more houses?