Real living wage 2019: Employers in the UK and how much the voluntary scheme is increasing by

Tom Herbert
Increases in the so-called living wage have been announced: PA Archive/PA Images

Thousands of UK workers will see a boost to their pay packets with the real living wage to increase ahead of Christmas.

More than 200,000 employees at companies which have signed up to the real living wage campaign will enjoy a hike of 20p an hour in London and 30p an hour outside the capital.

Around 6,000 business, such as Crystal Palace Football Club, London City Airport and Burberry, have now joined the voluntary scheme, which is being run by charity the Living Wage Foundation.

Here's all you need to know about the increases:

How much is the increase?

In the capital, the London living wage will increase by 20p, from £10.55 to £10.75 an hour.

The rate for the rest of the UK will increase by 30p an hour, from £9 to £9.30.

What is the real living wage?

The real living wage, also known as the voluntary living wage, is a campaign designed by the Living Wage Foundation that around 6,000 business have now joined.

It means around 210,000 staff across the UK are being paid a wage that has been based on living costs, with the foundation saying the Government's statutory wage is not high enough to meet them.

The rates compare favourably to the government's National Living Wage, which is set at £8.21 for people aged 25 years or older.

This rate is a legally binding, statutory rate that is reviewed in April each year and for workers aged 25 or older.

The government's National Minimum Wage is currently set at £7.70 an hour for people aged 21 to 24.

What businesses have signed up to the real living wage scheme?

Just under 6,000 businesses have now been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.

Some of the 1,756 businesses in London include Ikea, KPMG, Queen Mary University, London City Airport, the British Council, Linklaters, Camden Age UK, Allen and Overy, Barclays, Borough Market, Bowel Cancer UK, Christian Aid and the City of London Corporation.

Greenwich, Southwark and Lambeth Council are also among the firms to sign up to the scheme.

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