Is this the real reason Kevin was left 'Home Alone'?

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock / Rex
Photo credit: 20th Century Fox/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock / Rex

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It's not technically the festive season yet but the John Lewis Christmas advert is out and so that means we can officially start watching Christmas movies and eating mince pies without feeling OTT. That's a fact.

And lumped in with the likes of Love Actually and The Grinch as one of our go-to Christmas movies is Home Alone – the story of what happens to young Kevin after his family accidentally leave him at home as they race off on their annual holiday.

It's endearing, it's funny and above all it's an empowering tale of how even a child can beat the bad guys if he just gets creative (and has a home with multiple entrances, staircases and floors).

But something that has probably niggled many avid Home Alone fans is why Kevin actually got left on his own in the first place? Sure, it's set up like a simple mistake that could be made by any parent, but do we really buy that?

Maybe. However, in case you don't, one Reddit user has come up with a theory as to why the young boy actually gets left behind.

User Bobcobble posted some evidence that the father in this tale, Peter McAllister, purposefully left his son behind.

Remember the scene where Kevin spills milk while the family eats pizza?

Well, eagle-eyed viewers will notice that Kevin's dad Peter mops up the mess with napkins and then throws them into the bin – alone with Kevin's plane ticket.

Kevin would have struggled to go anywhere without his ticket. And the act of handing the tickets out and checking them again various family members meant that Kevin was missed out completely from the list.

We definitely need to double check this while watching on Christmas Day. And we might never look at Mr McAllister the same way again...

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