The real story behind the shocking Princess Diana phone call featured in the Crown

While the millions of viewers binge-watching Season Five of The Crown will be familiar with many of the notorious scandals to hit Charles and Diana in the 1990s, there will also be some new ones that have been long forgotten. One of the most shocking at the time was known as “Squidgygate” - the leaked 23-minute phone call between Princess Diana and her close friend, James Gilbey. Omid Scobie – Yahoo UK’s Royals Executive Editor – takes us through what really happened during the first major public scandal that Diana encountered, and which preceded the breakdown of her marriage and an official separation. It saw Diana left humiliated as members of the public called a special hotline so they could listen directly to her candid revelations after they were published by The Sun newspaper. Scobie talks through the reaction to the tapes and the long-term impact it had on Diana’s popularity.