The real story behind viral clip of Carlton man repeatedly hit by police

A Nottinghamshire man has spoken out after a video of him being detained by the police and repeatedly hit with batons went viral on social media. Tyrone Miller, of Carlton, has been left with ligament damage and covered in bruises after an incident in Colwick earlier this week (Monday, May 27).

Tyrone was a full-time mechanic up until two years ago when he was involved in a serious motorbike accident which snapped his pelvis, broke his back in 11 places, his neck in three places and also broke his knee and ankle.

Since this incident, which occurred on May 24, 2022, Tyrone has been slowly recovering and due to the pins and plates he now has as a result of the accident, he is registered as disabled and can struggle with some movements.

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After receiving a call from his friend Craig to fix their car he went to collect the vehicle and, after clearing the error codes, he took it on a short test drive on the Colwick Loop Road, from Costa to KFC before turning back again, which he says he is covered to do under his trader's insurance.

However, things took a turn for the worse when the car hit a pothole and the 40-year-old lost control. The incident was captured on camera as Tyrone's son had been filming and the car ended up at the side of the road on a verge.

Tyrone called his friend to let him know about what happened and walked over to his unit around the corner, where Craig was waiting, before driving back to the scene on his quadbike.

The pair called another friend who had a recovery truck and were in the process of removing the vehicle when a police car arrived.

Craig, 51, of Carlton, claimed he explained to the officers that it was his car but he hadn't been driving, which Tyrone confirmed. Frustrated by the situation Craig said that he went to the nearby Costa for a coffee to calm down, as he was stressed and upset about his car.

After he left, Tyrone claims the officers swapped their attention to him and then more officers arrived. He said: "The police were trying to say it was careless driving and got aggressive with me. They got heated and she got irate with my friend as they were implying that he was driving the car.

"Then another car pulled up with other officers and I was telling them I was driving and they wouldn't believe me." In a video shared with Nottinghamshire Live, an officer can be heard telling Tyrone: "I don't believe you're the driver."

They demanded he hand over the keys to the vehicle, but Tyrone refused as it was not his car and he claims he felt it was not right for him to hand over the keys to the vehicle as, even though he had been driving it, it was still his friend's car.

After this the officers tried to detain Tyrone and get him on the ground, as can be seen in the viral video. The 40-year-old claimed: "He told me to go on the floor and I said I can't get on the floor, I'm disabled, and then he got his baton out and started hitting my legs.

"They all started hitting me but I couldn't feel it because of my accident. They keep hitting me and there are even people in the background shouting 'he's disabled'."

As a result of his motorbike injuries, Tyrone uses a walking stick and is unable to stand for long periods of time. He claimed he tried explaining this to the officers and telling the officers he was disabled, but he said they didn't listen.

Tyrone said: "I kept telling myself to keep calm. I didn't do anything, I didn't retaliate, I was just trying to get myself away from the situation."

He has been left with a lot of bruises and swelling from the incident. He was also referred to the Queen's Medical Centre after going to his GP, where an X-ray confirmed he had ligament damage in his knee.

In the videos shared of the incident, officers can be seen hitting Tyrone with their batons around his legs, and also above his shoulders. Tyrone showed Nottinghamshire Live a gap in his teeth and the tooth that he alleged had been knocked out during the incident, and he has arranged a dentist visit to get an implant.

After the struggle officers managed to detain Tyrone. He said: "They handcuffed me and put double cuffs on me as since my accident I can't put my neck in certain positions.

"They arrested me for careless driving, no seatbelt, no insurance, perverting the cause of justice, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer." He claims an officer also told him he could smell alcohol and Tyrone had to take a breathalyser at the scene - but he was later de-arrested.

He added: "I don't drink at all so I knew for a fact it wasn't me and the breathalyser came back as zero and he said he was going to de-arrest me. They told my son to make sure he looked after me as I'm going to be very sore tomorrow."

The car's owner, Craig, said: "It's things like this which is why I don't like the police, they are supposed to be here to serve and protect.

"I said sorry as I thought maybe he had been driving like an idiot but he wasn't." Tyrone went to St Ann's Police Station on Wednesday, May 29, with his father-in-law Steve Richie.

Steve, of Carlton, explained he went with Tyrone for support as the 40-year-old was still in shock over what had happened. The 65-year-old added: "They were telling us about the process of what was going to happen.

"They did ask us what we wanted to happen and it's the justification for Tyronne, and they can't justify what they did." The family have stated that Tyrone has not had an apology from the force about what happened.

They are keen to see the results of the investigation that has been launched into the officers' actions and to know if any action is taken by the Professional Standards Directorate (PSD).

Chief Superintendent Suk Verma, head of local policing, said: “First and foremost, we understand the concerns that have been raised by the public in relation to a video posted on social media.

“As soon as we were notified, we launched an investigation into the matter and alerted our Professional Standards Directorate (PSD). A full investigation is taking place to look into the incident, which will include assessing the use of force applied and body-worn footage that was captured by numerous officers at the scene.

"The Neighbourhood Police Inspector for the area has contacted the man in the video and arranged a meeting with him. PSD has also been in touch with the complainant. Any officer that fails to meet the extremely high standards expected of them will be dealt with robustly as it is vitally important the public have trust and confidence in us. A full investigation needs to take place before any action is taken.”