The reality of living in Cornwall during the summer season

Cornwall beach
-Credit: (Image: Greg Martin)

Cornwall is home to some of the most impressive beaches in the world and as residents, we're lucky enough to have them on our doorsteps every day of the year. However, the impending boom of summer sun means one thing for locals - the flood of tourists.

Who wouldn't want to enjoy a blistering hot day on golden sands with incredible views - in the UK? But that's the issue - meaning that summer can be a stressful time, forcing local people to avoid the county's hotspots to steer clear of crowds.

It's not that locals don't want them here. Ask any small business owner who looks forward to the boom in sales. Holidaymakers too have a very big and positive impact on the local economy, with many businesses reliant on the profit they make during the season to stay afloat during the quiet winter.

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We are, however, no stranger to the less-than-perfect effect the tourism sector can have too. The high volume of tourists flooding sought-after destinations in the county does have a crippling effect. Our emergency services are strained, pollution and litter increases and parking becomes near impossible.

The roads get clogged up and a small minority can be very, well, rude. Though with the continuing national cost of living crisis, there are fears that we might not reap the benefits of a busy summer period this year leaving Cornwall, well, worse off than ever.

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We'd like to hear what you think. You spend your life here, this glorious county is your home, how do you feel about tourism? Do you have any thoughts about tourists and tourism? If you do, what do you think the wider implications of living in such a desirable part of the country are?

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