What It’s Really Like To Have To Give Jimmy Fallon Bad News, According To Employee At The Tonight Show

 Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show
Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has been making headlines as of late due to a number of reports about how it's supposedly run. More than a dozen employees took part in an exposé, in which they claimed the titular host had fostered a negative workplace environment. According to reports, Fallon has since apologized to his staff over the accusations. While a number of employees painted a less-than-flattering portrait of his character, others have stepped forward to defend him in the aftermath of the story. One staffer, while doing just that, shared what it’s like delivering bad news to Fallon.

Several of the 48-year-old TV personality’s colleagues, who remained anonymous, got incredibly candid while sharing positive thoughts on his character and work ethic. DailyMail.com spoke with four employees, one of which is a producer who’s reportedly worked on the late-night NBC show for more than two years. The individual stated that they “work closely” with Jimmy Fallon and that like others on staff, the host is “very energized and excited about creating a very positive workplace.” From there, they recalled sharing bad news with Fallon and discussed how he allegedly processes other people’s opinions:

I'm with him on a daily basis. I have delivered bad news to him. I have disagreed with him about some things that he has wanted to do. I cannot say enough good things about him, about how he is an empathetic person, how he hears other people's opinions, how he's open to being flexible.

When employees spoke to Rolling Stone for the outlet’s wide-ranging story, they stated that the work environment at The Tonight Show had taken a toll on their mental health. In addition, they claimed that when under pressure, the host would lash out at employees. The comments that the reported producer went on to share with Daily Mail, however, suggest that those allegations are not reflective of the former SNL star’s character or his workplace. When it comes to the host’s interactions with others, the staffer said:

I have seen him change his mind. I have seen him stick to his guns but respect to other people who disagree with him. The Jimmy that I have seen, walks the halls and talks to everybody. He has never belittled anyone. I’ve never seen him snap at anyone. The celebrities come and he’s nice to everybody. He knows every crew member.

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Jimmy Fallon doing his monologue on The Tonight Show
Jimmy Fallon doing his monologue on The Tonight Show

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Employees aren’t the only people who’ve stepped forward to show support for Jimmy Fallon during this time. Jerry Seinfeld also defended Fallon over an alleged incident brought up within the allegations. A source in Rolling Stone’s story claimed that during an appearance on the show, Seinfeld scolded Fallon for getting snippy with an employee. However, the veteran comedian shot down the claim, calling it an “idiotic twisting of events.”

Still, as mentioned, Jimmy Fallon reportedly issued an apology to his staff during a Zoom meeting. He allegedly called the situation “embarrassing” and said “I feel so bad,” before apologizing for bringing negative attention to the staffers and their loved ones. Fallon reportedly stated that the show should be “fun” and “inclusive” for everyone. The Tonight Show is currently not in production due to the ongoing WGA writers strike (and Fallon was called out during the strike for claiming to support writers). While public opinion on the host may seem varied at the moment, it would appear, though, that he still has a number of people in his corner.