'Really Scary': Motorist Barrels Along Against Traffic on Arizona Highway

A motorist driving on the wrong side of Route 60 in Arizona on Sunday, November 17, was captured by front and rear dashcams by driver Andrew Rollins, who described the event as “really scary.”

Rollins was on Route 60 about 10 miles south of Wickenburg, Arizona, when another motorist drove toward him on the divided highway.

Dashcam footage posted to Facebook by Rollins shows a motorcycle and several cars dodging out of the way of the wrong-way driver while one vehicle was nearly hit.

Rollins’s rear dashcam shows the car moving onto the median of the highway, then getting back on the paved road.

Speaking to local media, Rollins said he was traveling with his wife and 4-year-old son when it happened. He described the driver as an elderly gentleman.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said it has not made contact with the wrong-way driver and it’s not clear if he would face any charges or citations if they do. Credit: Andrew Rollins via Storyful