Reason unique van always parks up on Merseyside beach

The Artist in a Van on New Brighton beach
-Credit: (Image: Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo)

People regularly visit a campervan parked up on a beach for a special reason.

The woman, who only wishes to be referred to as The Artist in a Van, displays her incredible paintings in a van on New Brighton beach. Many strangers and newcomers alike come up to her van to find out what her artwork is all about.

Speaking to the ECHO, she said she started taking her artistic talent seriously after the death of her two parents. She said: “I've always been an avid doodler rather than a portrait artist. My mum always loved her art. But I didn't do much with it to be honest.

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“After my mum died, I needed to redirect my grief and art basically was the way to do that.

“I got my van when my dad died. My life completely changed after I got the van. I met lots of interesting, creative people.”

“Instagram is just a haven for art. I'm self-taught - I haven't gone to art school or anything like that. I've just watched hours watching people on Instagram and YouTube do it.”

The artist claims, although she is open to selling her work, she enjoys displaying it for free so others can enjoy it.

She said: “I'm not trying to flog anything. I'm just trying to share it with people. I've got a cupboard that’s literally chock a block with paintings. I love portraits. I absolutely love painting portraits. I love dabbling in street art and different mediums. I'm obsessed with stencilling and spray paint.

The Artist in a Van has been visiting the beach for several years
The Artist in a Van has been visiting the beach for several years -Credit:Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo

“I think it's quite difficult to get into the business side of art. I have given it a go but it took me away from the joy of painting and what people want. I kind of just knocked that on the head.”

The artist is neuro-divergent and claims painting helps with her condition. She said: “One week I can get engrossed in one genre. One week I did some Marvel and DC in pastels. Then I went back to street art.

"I do a lot of my paintings in quite a meditative space. Once I sit down to the painting, I'm focused on just that. It calms everything down.

“To have an outlet, a regularity - if I'm having a really bad day, I just sit and paint.”

The Artist in the Van has been showcasing her work on New Brighton beach for seven years now and hopes to continue the tradition. She said: “Down at the Fort painting, that is where you’ll always find me.

“People are drawn to the van. They'll come over, I'll have a chat with people. Some are just curious with what I'm doing.

“I paint just because I love painting. It's not a business. It's my passion.”

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