Rebecca Long-Bailey insists Corbynism doesn't exist as she calls for rejected manifesto policies to be kept

Sean Morrison
Rebecca Long-Bailey said there was 'not one' policy she would drop from Labour's election manifesto: Channel 4

Rebecca Long-Bailey has insisted that “Corbynism” does not exist as she made the case for keeping hold of policies rejected at the General Election.

The Shadow Business Secretary, speaking at a Labour leadership debate, said there was “not one policy” she would drop from the party’s 2019 manifesto.

She has insisted that Labour could still win power with plans that were in place when it suffered its worst election defeat since 1935 under Jeremy Corbyn.

Driving home that point on Monday night, Ms Long-Bailey said: "There is no such thing as Corbynism. There is our Labour values.

"If we believe in building more council homes, investing in our futures through education and industrial strategy - that's socialism.

“That's not Corbynism and we shouldn't throw away those policies."

She said that the way the policies were explained needed to be changed.

Labour lost 59 seats in the December poll, a result that ushered in the first Conservative landslide since the 1980s and forced Mr Corbyn to announce he would stand down as leader.

Ms Long-Bailey has been criticised repeatedly during the leadership race by rival Lisa Nandy for wanting to introduce open selections, a system that would make it easier for members to get rid of sitting MPs.

Her latest remarks came during a Channel 4 debate as the contest enters its final phase ahead of the deceleration of a new Labour leader on April 4.