Rebecca Loos Annoyed David Beckham Took No 'Responsibility’ For Their Alleged Affair

Rebecca Loos wants to remind everyone that it takes two to tango.

David Beckham’s former assistant — who caused a media frenzy in 2004 when she sold a story to the News Of The World that claimed she had an affair with the soccer star — told the Daily Mail over the weekend that she was “bothered” by how the athlete handled their relationship in his recent docuseries, “Beckham.”

“He’s making himself the victim and making me look like the liar. He’s making me look like I made up these horrible stories,” Loos said in the interview“It’s all, ‘poor me.’ He needs to take responsibility.”

Rebecca Loos in 2006, two years after she sold her story about having an alleged affair with David Beckham to the News of the World.
Rebecca Loos in 2006, two years after she sold her story about having an alleged affair with David Beckham to the News of the World.

Rebecca Loos in 2006, two years after she sold her story about having an alleged affair with David Beckham to the News of the World.

In the fourth installment of Netflix docuseries, the topic of Beckham’s 2004 cheating scandal is tackled pretty vaguely. The doc doesn’t mention specific details about the alleged affair — and does not mention Loos by name. Rather, it opts to focus on how the tabloid circus surrounding the story affected the soccer player, his wife, Victoria Beckham, and their very young children, who were harassed by paparazzi.

“Every time that we woke up, we felt that there was something else. I think we both felt at the time that we were not losing each other, but drowning,” David Beckham said in the documentary. “I don’t know how we got through it, in all honesty.”

He added:

“Victoria is everything to me. To see her hurt was incredibly difficult, but we’re fighters. And at that time, we needed to fight for each other ― we needed to fight for our family. And what we had was worth fighting for.”

Loos told the Daily Mail that the latter quote was what irked her the most when she watched “Beckham” and is the reason why she’s currently speaking out.

“He’s the one who caused the suffering,” Loos said. “It’s his behavior. It’s his lying.”

Loos, a former model, said that before she met Beckham, she was working at an international recruitment agency where she started getting gigs as a personal assistant for sports figures. When Beckham was signed to Real Madrid in 2003, a colleague suggested she work with him since she was born in Madrid and spoke Spanish fluently.

Loos said she was tasked with finding the Beckhams a home in Spain while the soccer player was in Asia and his wife was in London. She said at one point during the house hunt, Victoria Beckham asked Loos to only speak to her directly, and not her husband.

Despite this, Loos said, she began receiving texts from David Beckham “late at night.”

Loos said she texted him to let him know she was given specific instructions by his wife not to directly contact him. Loos said that footballer’s response to this was, “We don’t need to tell anyone.”

“The stories were horrible, but they were true,” she told the Daily Mail. “And he’s the one who’s responsible for all of this. He’s the one responsible for his wife suffering. He’s the one that decides to lie to her, to say, ‘We don’t have to tell my wife.’ He’s made all those choices.”

Although David Beckham has denied the affair publicly, Loos stands by her account and explained to the Daily Mail why she decided to publicize it in 2004.  She said that she discovered that David was sharing the “dirty” texts she sent to him with his friends and was making fun of her with them, adding that the revelation “hurt” her and led her to not “giving a shit” about hiding the details of their relationship.

“I’ve very much accepted the choices that I’ve made, the mistakes that I’ve made, I’ve come to terms with,” Loos told the Daily Mail. 

Loos pointed out that she has way less power than the Beckhams and has become a target of public wrath for something she says both she and David Beckham partook in.

“I also have a family, I also have children, and they also have Google and they can also watch documentaries,” Loos said. “And I want them to know that their mother was brave enough to stand up against [the Beckhams]. And to stand up for the truth.”