Rebel Wilson reveals how she overcame her emotional eating

The actor stars in a new Netflix film, Senior Year (Getty Images)
The actor stars in a new Netflix film, Senior Year (Getty Images)

Rebel Wilson has revealed that learning to overcome her tendency to emotionally eat was key to her 80lb weight loss.

The actor, who stars in the new Netflix comedy Senior Year, described a “process” of recognising her own value.

“It was about dealing with the emotional issues that caused me to emotionally eat, and that’s a process,” she said in a new interview with People. “You cry a lot, analyse things. I’d never done that before.

“It’s really hard to know why you don’t feel worthy when people look at my life on paper and say you’ve done all these amazing things. That’s what I’m trying to overcome.”

Wilson said she didn’t intend to reach a certain weight, but rather wanted to become “the healthiest version of myself”.

The actor added that one of the reasons she lost weight was because it would improve her prospects of getting pregnant.

Wilson suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition which causes weight gain and can make it harder to get pregnant.

She recalled being “looked up and down” by a fertility doctor in 2019, who said her prospects of having a child would be “umuch better” if she was “healthier”.

Wilson is most famous for her portrayal of Fat Amy, a comedic character in the Pitch Perfect film franchise. While Amy is also the actor’s favourite character to play, at times the role made her feel insecure.

“Sometimes it’s hard doing a photo shoot next to your fellow actress and she’s a third of the size of you,” she explained, adding that she felt “invisible” before she lost weight.

Wilson described a “societal bias” she experienced once society deemed her “good-looking”.

“And then suddenly to have people want to carry your groceries, do nice things for you purely because of how you look, it’s interesting,” she said.

“I know what it’s like to be on the other side of that coin. And now I know what’s it’s like to get attention in the positive.

“It sucks, it’s unfair. I feel sad if somebody doesn’t love the body they’re in. You want to celebrate all body types but I also want to encourage people to be healthy.”