Reckless person throws a bottle out a car window - causing a £150k McLaren to dangerously swerve

This is the moment a reckless person in a van threw a bottle out of the window while driving at speed - causing an £150k McLaren behind to dangerously swerve. The supercar nearly smashed into the central reservation when the bottle came hurtling towards the windscreen at speed, after being tossed out by someone in the car in front. Onlookers said the McLaren had earlier been stuck behind the van in the fast lane of the A30, just off the M5. Malcolm Broad, 47, a marketing manager, was driving by when his 13-year-old son, who is a McLaren fan, filmed the car and happened to capture the incident. The video shows the car having t swerve and break, coming dangerously close to the barrier, on Saturday (17). Malcolm said: "We saw the McLaren in the queued up traffic so my son got excited and got his camera out to take pictures of it, and it was behind us at this point. "The car was being blocked in the fast lane by a white van even though the van had plenty of room to slip in behind us. "I was a bit surprised at that for starters. They were being stupid and just not letting this super car drive past them." As the van and car passed Malcolm, the video captured the water bottle being thrown backwards and the McLaren swerving towards the central reservation. Malcolm said: "It made me put my brakes on because I thought there was going to be an accident here and I didn't want to get messed up in it." The van eventually pulled over to the left lane, he said.