For the record

An opinion piece (Where has Mr Truss been hiding? A spouse-free race isn’t usually the political way, 4 September, page 43) was illustrated in last week’s early edition with a photograph that purported to show Liz Truss with her husband Hugh O’Leary; in fact she was pictured, in 2018, standing alongside the Tory MP Michael Ellis.

An image accompanying a review of Lenny Henry’s new autobiography, Rising to the Surface, showed Jennifer Saunders, not “ex-wife Dawn French”, celebrating Red Nose Day with him and fellow comedians in 1991 (There’s nothing very funny about fame, 4 September, the New Review, p38).

It was Hartlepool hospital’s accident and emergency department that closed (in 2011), not the hospital itself as an article suggested (‘A bit of a clown at times’ – but Hartlepool’s swing voters will miss Boris, 4 September, p4).

A column remarked of Boris Johnson: “When he formally surrenders the keys to the Queen on Tuesday, a large part of him will be thinking that this is not farewell to the premiership, but merely adieu.” The final word meant was “au revoir” (Boris Johnson’s dreams of a comeback will be a nightmare for Truss, 4 September, p41).

A review of The Palmerston in Edinburgh indicated that one of the desserts sampled was a gooseberry remoulade, a type of mayonnaise sauce; diners will be delighted to learn that this should have referred to a gooseberry roulade (28 August, Magazine, p26).

Other recently amended articles include:

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