For the record

A column (Exploiting loopholes can be a losing strategy, 12 September, New Review, page 5) referred to a charity prize draw by Frome Town FC being “advertised as a free competition on” (MSE). To clarify: the information about the draw was posted in the community section of the website, where users share tips among themselves; it was not advice given by MSE itself.

Louis Armstrong collaborated on the making of a musical called The Real Ambassadors, and performed the lead role of Hero, but he did not “compose” the work, as we said. The music and lyrics were written by Dave Brubeck and Iola Brubeck respectively (Satchmo and the spy …, 12 September, page 37).

A recipe for courgettes with tahini included the well-meaning tip that those allergic to sesame could “use a little dried thyme in the flour instead of the za’atar”. This advice did not account for the fact that, while za’atar includes sesame seeds, so too does tahini.

An interview with Ian Wright and Musa Okwonga said that in 1990 Wright’s team, Crystal Palace, lost the FA Cup final in extra time; in fact they lost in a replay (’Kids need two things: love and education ...’, 12 September, New Review, page 8).

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