For the record

The deadline for the next general election is January 2025, not January 2026, as an article said (With Tories stealing some of Labour’s best clothes, Starmer needs a change of gear, 2 April, p41).

Peter Law, who won the Blaenau Gwent seat in the 2005 general election, was not a “deselected MP”; rather, he was a member of the Welsh Assembly who resigned from the Labour party in order to stand as an independent in that parliamentary election (History does not favour the outsider candidate, 2 April, p33).

A brief business item said that Royal Mail staff had “announced a fresh wave of strikes after Easter”; this was not the case, although there had been indications of potential new strikes (“Postal workers strike again after Easter”, 2 April, p49).

An article about the jazz album London Brew said it originated when Miles Davis’s estate approached executive producer Bruce Lampcov about creating a project to honour the legacy of Davis’s album Bitches Brew on its 50th anniversary. In fact, Lampcov had recently become the estate’s music publisher and initiated the project (Bitches Brew Take Two, 26 March, New Review, p16).

Referring to the interbreeding of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals, Dr Jonathan Kennedy was quoted as saying this was “something that happened 6,000 years ago”; the date he mentioned was actually “60,000 years ago” (Why germs are the real rulers of Earth, 2 April, New Review, p20).

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