For the record

A review of Thief at the British Museum on BBC Radio 4 referred to the hero of the series, Dr Ittai Gradel, as “a Dutch dealer in antiquities”. In fact, he is Danish (Podcasts & radio, 9 June, New Review, p37).

Geography corner: a feature about places “in the UK” to savour the summer solstice suggested “Co Donegal, Northern Ireland”. The county is in the north-west of the Republic of Ireland. Also, Chanctonbury Ring is in West Sussex, not East Sussex (Crack of dawn, 16 June, Magazine, p34).

An interview with the astronaut Tim Peake described Mars as being “4m kilometres away” from Earth. It is, in fact, up to 400m kilometres (250m miles) away, depending on the position of the planets in their orbit of the Sun (‘The only limit is our imagination’, 9 June, Magazine, p8).

A recipe for vanilla shortbread with pistachio and cherries omitted plain flour from the ingredients and method. It needed 250g of flour, which should be mixed with the semolina, cornflour and sea salt (16 June, Magazine, p22).

Other recently amended articles include:

Tories and Labour on course for lowest share of the vote since 1945

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