For the record

• The explorer and author Ludovic Slimak was born in 1973, not 1953 as an article said (‘I feel like a man from another era’, 10 September, Magazine, p16). Also, due to a miscommunication, Slimak’s wife, Dr Laure Metz, who was with him at the Grotte Mandrin dig site, was misidentified as Sonia Harmand, another archaeologist who was not present.

• An article (Gentileschi’s haunting painting of sexual assault discovered in royal palace, 24 September, p12) said that, “In later years, interest in baroque 18th-century paintings fell away”. This should have said, “interest in baroque paintings fell away in the 18th century”. Artemisia Gentileschi was a 17th-century artist.

• An interview with the author Jeannette Winterson said: “It’s almost 30 years since the publication of Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit”. The book came out in 1985, almost 40 years ago (‘Ghosts love my house’, 24 September, Magazine, p24).

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