Record EuroMillions jackpot: What could you buy with £169m?

Alan McGuinness, News Reporter

The biggest Lottery jackpot ever on offer in the UK could be won on Friday.

The top prize in the EuroMillions draw is an estimated £169m and if an individual wins it they would automatically become the joint 671st richest person in the UK.

If it's you what could you spend your new windfall on? Here are five suggestions.

:: Four houses on Britain's most expensive street

Properties in Kensington Palace Gardens in west London are currently on the market for an average of some £35m, but with your newfound riches you could sort yourself and your closest friends and family out with a swish new pad.

You'd also have some rather illustrious neighbours - the official royal residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is nearby.

:: Your own private jet

Now that you're rich, why not travel in style?

A brand new 2017 Gulfstream G650 jet is currently on the market for $65.5m (£50.8m), which would leave you plenty of cash left over for other things. Or maybe just the fuel.

:: Your own private island

There'd be no early morning battle for a sun lounger with your own slice of paradise.

All 110 acres of Rangyai island, to the east of the Thai tourist hotspot of Phuket, could be yours for $160m (£122m).

It comes complete with fresh water, an electric generator and mobile signal and is only 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport and 10 minutes away from the nearest town by boat.

:: Any professional footballer in the world - except Neymar

The Brazilian superstar would be slightly out of your reach at just under £200m, but virtually every other professional player on earth would be within your budget.

Harry Kane, Eden Hazard, Paul Pogba. Take your pick. Although we suspect PSG would outbid you for Lionel Messi.

:: The support of one DUP MP in the Commons

Under the deal for the party to back Theresa May's minority government in the Commons, the Conservatives have made £1bn available to spend in Northern Ireland.

This works out as an investment of £100m in Northern Ireland for each of the DUP's 10 MPs.

With your £169m you could pay for quite a bit of this investment yourself.

Quite why you would want to do is anyone's guess, but hey, it's your money.