Record-Level Big Sioux River Rages in South Dakota

Several rivers in South Dakota reached “all-time high” water levels on Friday, September 13, after heavy rainfall in the region, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

The NWS said on Friday that rainfall near Sioux Falls ranged from five to 12 inches over the course of two days.

A section of the Big Sioux River near Egan, South Dakota, rose three feet higher than its previous record, which was set in April, the NWS said on Friday. The Big Sioux River below Dell Rapids, South Dakota, rose to a level 0.2 feet above its previous record, which was set in 1969.

Multiple other creeks and bodies of water surpassed previous water-level records.

Sioux Falls was recovering from three tornadoes that hit the area on September 10, damaging buildings and injuring at least nine people. Citing officials, local media said residents were now preparing for potential flooding.

Law enforcement told local media that deputies were closing roads in anticipation of the Big Sioux River and Skunk Creek rising further over the weekend. Credit: Justin Frantzen via Storyful