Record number of Brits apply to be German before Brexit takes UK out of the EU

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Nearly 7,500 Brits applied for a German passport in 2017 (Rex)

The number of British nationals who received German citizenship hit a record high last year, German officials said.

Brexit has apparently prompted Brits to seek passports from the EU’s remaining countries to preserve their right to live and work there after Britain leaves in 2019.

Germany’s Federal Statistical Office said 7,493 Britons sought German citizenship in 2017 – a 162% rise from the 2,865 in 2016.

It is thought that Brexit is behind a record number of Brits wanting to become German citizens (Rex)

A total of 10,358 Britons became German in 2016 and 2017 – more than twice as many as in the previous 15 years put together.

Without an EU passport, over one million Brits currently living in Europe face losing their rights to free movement and EU citizen rights.


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Brits hoping to become German myst have lived in Germany for at least eight years and must pass a language and a general knowledge test.

Two people who do not need to pass a test to become German citizens are former Ukip leader Nigel Farage’s two children – who have a German mother and therefore are entitled to citizenship.

Nigel Farage’s two children are entitled to German citizenship as their mother is German (Rex)

Britons were second only to Turks in the number of non-Germans obtaining German citizenship last year.

Almost 10% of the British applicants received their German citizenship from abroad, probably because they or their ancestors lost their citizenship under the Nazis.