Recreations Imagine If Wes Anderson Made The Simpsons

For more information please visit: Iconic locations from The Simpsons have been given a Wes Anderson-style makeover. Created by home improvement website HomeAdvisor as part of a promotional project, each room is in the style of a Wes Anderson set, incorporating pastel colours, ornate decoration, and a one-point perspective. The redesigned rooms, which have remained untouched for 30 years, include the Simpson’s living room and kitchen, Lisa’s bedroom, Moe’s Tavern, Mr. Burn’s office, and even the nuclear power plant. Each room has taken inspiration from a selection of Wes Anderson's iconic films. The project is aimed to “inspire homeowners by introducing new ways of thinking about the spaces in their homes", with a team of designers using touchstones from some of Anderson’s most well-known work.