Red-faced Lorraine Kelly forced to apologise as Amanda Barrie SWEARS live on air


Breakfast TV host Lorraine Kelly was left a little red-faced on Wednesday morning, as an overly enthused Amanda Barrie bragged about her segway skills and swore live on air.

Amanda Barrie revealed she had an unique talent: ‘S*** hot’ segway skills (Copyright: ITV)

The former Coronation Street actress appeared on Lorraine’s sofa to discuss some of her recent projects, including her time on The Real Marigold Hotel, which premieres tonight.

Amanda, who travelled to India with fellow stars Lionel Blair, Bill Oddie and Rustie Lee for the BBC programme, revealed that she had also visited Tel Aviv to shoot another TV series – where she tried using a segway.

Lorraine Kelly was left in fits of giggles as she apologised for the expletive (Copyright: ITV)

While Lorraine admitted she could never master the two-wheeled motorised vehicle, Amanda deemed herself an “expert” before blurting out: “Darling, I was so s*** hot on it, I can’t tell you!” 

The ITV daytime host immediately apologised to viewers at home but couldn’t help laughing at the 81-year-old’s choice of language, along with fans on social media, who praised the soap legend for her hilarious interview:

Amanda admitted she had fallen sick while filming abroad for The Real Marigold Hotel (Copyright: ITV)

Amanda joined a host of senior stars for the second series of the multi award-winning travel documentary, The Real Marigold Hotel, where she travelled to the other side of the world to consider her retirement options.

But elsewhere in the interview, the actress revealed to Lorraine she has no intention of retiring any time soon – but even if she did, she had decided that she wouldn’t be setting up camp in the South Asian country.

Hmmm… Not enough segways, Manders?

Lorraine continues weekdays at 8.30am on ITV while The Real Marigold Hotel starts tonight at 9pm on BBC One.