Red Howler Monkey Lives Up to Name With Bellowing Roar at Bolivian Sanctuary

A red howler monkey certainly lived up to the reputation of his species when he let out an ear-splitting roar at a Bolivian sanctuary.

Footage shared by Gosia Zdziechowska to her Polish Dr Dolittle YouTube channel shows a Bolivian red howler by the name of Tango demonstrating his impressively loud call.

Zdziechowska told Storyful that she volunteered at La Senda Verde, an animal refuge in Yolosa, where she helped take care of 12 orphaned baby howler monkeys.

She said that every day at around 5.30 pm, alpha male Tango would howl from his enclosure.

“Tango is a huge howler monkey. He was rescued and now he lives at rescue center La Senda Verde,” she said. Credit: Polish Dr Dolittle via Storyful

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