Red Nose Day Love Actually sequel: what happened to every character in the Comic Relief special

Ben Travis
Rousing speech: Hugh Grant's Prime Minister gave a stirring address in Red Nose Day Actually: BBC / Comic Relief / Nick Briggs

Love Actually fans have waited over a decade for a sequel to their favourite rom-com – and they finally got it.

Richard Curtis revisited the characters of his hit film for Comic Relief, delivering a mini-sequel titled Red Nose Day Actually.

The short gave updates on most of the faces from the original movie, and clued us in on what’s happened in the intervening years.

Here’s a summary of what everyone had been up to.

1) Mark, Juliet and Peter

(BBC / Comic Relief)

In the original film’s most controversial move, Mark (Andrew Lincoln) declared his love for Juliet (Keira Knightley) just after she’d married his best made (Peter).

13 years later... he was back with more cue cards – but the message this time was different. As well as growing a beard (courtesy of Lincoln’s grizzled role on The Walking Dead), Mark revealed that somehow he’d ended up marrying one of the supermodels from his original dream list.

(Greg Williams)

Enter Kate Moss, who admitted she wasn’t a fan of Mark’s beard. Peter was none the wiser about the whole visit, as per usual.

2) David

(BBC / Comic Relief)

Prime Minister David (Hugh Grant) gave the ‘love actually is all around’ from the original film – and had more rousing words here.

13 years later... he's still dancing around Downing Street, this time to Drake’s mega-hit Hotline Bling, and returned at the end of the short to give a genuinely heartwarming speech praising the extraordinariness of ordinary bravery.

Oh, and he also confirmed the following: the new Metallica album is brilliant, it’s tragic that Piers Morgan is still around, and Elf is the best Christmas film ever made. Oh, and he’s still with Natalie (Martine McCutcheon).

3) Billy Mack

(BBC / Comic Relief)

After securing the Christmas number one spot in Love Actually, rocker Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) was back for another radio interview.

13 years later... he revealed that he has slept with multiple Kardashians – and that one of them is the best sex he’s ever had. There was a tragic update too, though - Billy's manager Joe, played by Gregor Fisher in the original film, had died of a heart attack in the intervening time.

4) Rufus

(BBC / Comic Relief)

13 years later... enthusiastic jewellery shop worker Rufus (Rowan Atkinson) was now working at what looked like Sainsburys.

However, he was still bringing a flourish to his working style – spending a lot of care and attention gift-wrapping a Comic Relief Red Nose for a bemused customer.

5) Jamie and Aurelia

(BBC / Comic Relief)

Writer Jamie (Colin Firth) ended up falling in love with Portuguese housekeeper Aurelia (Lucia Moniz) at his French writer’s retreat, and the pair became engaged at the end of Love Actually.

13 years later... their happy ever after just kept going. The pair are still together, absolutely loved up, and Jamie has learned to speak Portuguese. They have three kids together – with the added bombshell that Aurelia that she’s pregnant again.

6) Daniel, Sam and Joanna

(BBC / Comic Relief)

Bereaved dad Daniel helped his young son Sam fulfil the ultimate romantic gesture in Love Actually, aiding him in an airport dash to declare his feelings for American exchange student Joanna.

13 years later... Sam is a young man and has come back to London to visit his dad and ask him something important about love. As it turns out, it’s a very big question – Sam and Joanna have reunited in the States, and they’ve come to ask Daniel’s permission to get married. You know the answer.

Happy endings all around then – bravo to Richard Curtis.