Redback Spider Beats Australian Snake Catcher to the Punch

Snake Catchers Adelaide arrived at a house in Burton, Australia, on February 28 to capture a brown snake hatchling, but found that a highly venomous redback spider had beaten them to the punch, trapping the young serpent in its web.

The snake – also venomous – was spotted by the home resident’s nine-year-old son as he was playing in the family’s driveway.

After calling Snake Catchers Adelaide and asking them to come remove the snake, the resident discovered that it had slithered into the web and the redback spider – also known as the Australian black widow – had sprung into action.

The spider “latched onto it, biting it numerous times” and spun an additional web to trap the snake, the home’s resident said.

When Snake Catchers Adelaide arrived, the snake was still alive. The catchers removed it from the web, but the spider “had already bitten it so many times it didn’t make it,” the resident told Storyful. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful