Reform UK removes Nottingham candidate after racist social media posts revealed

A blue and white Reform UK rosette on a suit jacket lapel
-Credit: (Image: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Reform UK has removed one of its Nottinghamshire general election candidates after racist social media posts were uncovered. One of the posts called for the hanging of Doreen Lawrence, the mother of murdered Stephen Lawrence who was killed during a racist attack in London.

Other posts encouraged people to only use white taxi drivers and to "save your used tyres for Nelson [Mandela's] funeral pyre." The posts, which remain on X at the time of writing, were posted by the Nottingham British National Party (BNP) account between 2012 and 2013.

Now an insignificance in British politics, the fascist BNP saw membership growth throughout the 2000s until membership and vote shares began to dramatically decline. A key Nottingham BNP activist during this era was Simon Brindley, also known as Bob Brindley.

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Mr Brindley was still displayed as Reform UK's candidate in Nottingham North and Kimberley on the morning of Monday (June 3). Nottinghamshire Live then contacted Reform's press office highlighting the tweets issued by the Nottingham BNP when Mr Brindley was a prominent local activist.

Other tweets highlighted to Reform included a tweet which described paedophile Jimmy Savile as "innocent until proven guilty" after his crimes were revealed. Around an hour and a half after contacting Reform, Mr Brindley's name had disappeared from their website.

A spokesperson said: "I can confirm he was removed as the Reform UK candidate two weeks ago. The new Reform candidate for the constituency is Melandra Smith."

Mr Brindley previously stood in Nottingham North for the BNP at the 2010 general election. On that occasion, he came fourth with 5.7 percent of the vote share - marginally ahead of the UKIP candidate who finished bottom.

The deadline for candidates to put themselves forward falls on Friday (June 7). Below, in alphabetical order by surname, are all the Nottingham North candidates we know of so far.


Sam Harvey


Caroline Henry

Liberal Democrat

David Schmitz


Melandra Smith


Alex Norris