Refrigerate Dough In Batches For Customized Cookies On Demand

variety cookies baked
variety cookies baked - Mmeemil/Getty Images

There's nothing better than a freshly baked cookie hot from the oven -- unless it's a cookie customized with the exact mix-ins you're craving, that is. Rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate chips for a birthday cake cookie? Chocolate chips and dried cranberries? Or maybe cornflakes and peanut butter chips? All of these and more can be within reach for an impromptu craving. The only limit is what you've got on hand in the pantry when you whip up and refrigerate a batch of simple, plain cookie dough for later.

You can choose your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe for this adventure, mixing the dough right up to the step where the chips are added. Rather than scooping the cookies out as usual, put the batch of dough in a container with a tight lid and pop it into the refrigerator. You could even make a double batch and freeze one.

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Bonuses Of Make-Ahead Cookie Dough

cookie dough with birthday sprinkles mix in
cookie dough with birthday sprinkles mix in - Ciara Kimsey/Shutterstock

Dough improves during a rest in the refrigerator for a number of reasons. Not only do the flour and sugar completely absorb all of the moisture in the recipe, which makes for better browning and more concentrated flavor, but the finished cookie also benefits in texture and won't spread as much in the oven when it's chilled. You can hold most cookie doughs safely for two to three days, according to the USDA. Or, if you want to store dough longer, the freezer will keep cookie dough edible for up to two months.

When you are ready to bake, simply remove the amount of dough you need from the refrigerator; you could use a portion scoop to help. Use your fingers or a small spatula to press your goodies into the dough and form the dough back into a ball. Bake as recommended by your chosen recipe and revel in the luxury of on-demand hot cookies.

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