"I refuse to attend baby showers and weddings for friends and family who don't make the effort"

A woman refuses to attend baby showers and weddings for people who "don't make the effort" - claiming it's "offensive" when she's invited "just for the presents".

Lanette Rincon, 30, finds it "extremely rude" when she is asked to go to big milestones by people she doesn't spend time one-on-one or see or hear from on a day-to-day basis.

She claims to make exceptions for friends and relatives who live across the country - only declining invites from them if she doesn't have time to join in the celebrations.

Lanette insists her attitude stems from experiences with old co-workers and friends who she claims regularly posted on social media with their social circles.

It left her feeling like she's "never thought of" until she gets invited to a big life event.

Lanette says she thinks lots of people invite her to baby showers, birthdays and weddings "just for the gifts" and says she's making a point of saying no to those she wouldn't class close friends or family.

She shared the controversial take on social media and claimed she finds it "extremely offensive" when asked to spend money on milestones in other people's lives if she's not included in their "life progressions".

Lanette, a business manager, from Loveland, Colorado, US, said: "I heard someone talk about something similar a few years ago and it really resonated with me - it's like a social media trait.

"I don’t ever hear from some people for a lunch or a coffee date or a girls night, but then I'm only invited to the big ones when they need the numbers.

"If I don’t get an invite to regular things then it’s incredibly offensive to invite to me big things.

"If I've been invited and they wanted me to bring a gift, I probably wouldn't end up going, and if I did I wouldn't bring one, but it depends on the circumstances.

"Recently in the last few years I was hanging out with this person but then it soon turned to me actively trying to hang out with them and it not being reciprocated.

"And then when it came to a big event - like a wedding or a baby shower - that they needed the extra numbers for, I hear from them.

"When you show up to that wedding, for example, you feel awkward and don’t know how to talk to them and then you end up in a tricky position.

"Or when people ask how you know the bride it gets awkward."

Lanette is aware that not everyone feels the same way, but is keen to point out that everybody has their own rules.

"I think everybody has their own level of boundaries and self-respect," she said.

"People have their own image of what a friendship looks like and it’s all personal preference.

"And for me it’s about self-respect and your level of boundaries you want to set with people - knowing your worth as an individual and as a friend.

"I have my circle and we all respect each other and we all have that mutual understanding."

Lanette's video explanation racked up over 1.5 million views on TikTok and received a mixed response from users.

One disagreed, and commented: "Heck no, I can’t keep up with all the little stuff. Happy to show up and support big milestones - if I was important enough to be invited."

Another said: "Except I don’t do movie nights or girls nights or any of that but I’d want important people in my life there for the big moments."

Others agreed with Lannette and said: "Funny how I only get invited when my presence requires that I bring a gift."

While another added: "Absolutely. I’ve cut so many people from my life this year because of people like this."

Lanette admitted she had others say she's being 'petty' and 'childish' and should 'grow up'.

She said: "Like I said, I do believe that every person is different

"My response is that it’s OK to have different ways of doing things.

"Set out your own boundaries that you have with your friends and that's it."

Lanette tries to avoid confrontation when she can and doesn't often reveal why she might not be coming to something.

She said: "I don’t really divulge as I'm not really a confrontational person, but when I feel I’m being taken advantage of I just say that I won't be available at that time."