Reggie Yates and BBC part ways after anti-Semitic comment

Mike P Williams
Reggie Yates leaves Top Of The Pops specials after ‘offensive’ comments. (Credit: PA)

TV personality Reggie Yates has stepped down from presenting the Christmas Day edition of Top of the Pops, after he made an ill-judged comment regarding Jewish people.

Speaking passionately during a guest interview on #Halfcast Podcast: Take Back The Power, the TV presenter, 34, let slip an anti-Semitic comment that proved offensive.

Yates swiftly took the decision to remove himself from the festive edition of Top of the Pops he was set to present alongside Fearne Cotton, and took to Twitter to explain and apologise for his actions.

Reggie Yates and Fearne Cotton were set to co-host the Top Of The Pops Christmas special. (Credit: BBC)

He tweeted: “On a recent podcast, during a discussion about grime artists, I made some ill-considered remarks which have hurt many people.

“I can see clearly that the words I used reinforced offensive stereotypes, and that there is no context that would justify such remark.

“My comments are no reflection on how I truly feel, and I would like to apologise unreservedly to the Jewish community, people in the music industry and anyone else I have offended.

“This has been, and continues to be a huge learning experience for me, and on reflection I have taken the decision to step down from hosting Top of the Pops this year.”

Despite him not personally revealing the particular words he used, the term “fat Jewish guy” was uttered while discussing the power shift in the music industry.

His comments have divided online opinion, with people taking to Twitter to either condemn or defend the presenter.

Many rightly agree that his choice of words was offensive and unacceptable. Yet others are defending the star after debate raged over not only the severity of his words but how they were in fact accurate in the context of discussing management and power within the music industry.

Yates’ comments come at a time when people in the public eye acting as role models are being held accountable for their actions and words, so it’s commendable that he’s not only issued a sincere-sounding public apology, but also resigned from his upcoming collab with the BBC.

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