How to register for the 2018 London Marathon: Ballot opening and closing times


Have you been inspired to grab your running shoes, push yourself to the limit and take part in the 2018 London Marathon?

Well, you're in luck.

The ballot for next year's race will open on Monday 1 May and closes at 5pm on Friday 5 May.

That means there's plenty of time for you to psyche yourself up for - or perhaps talk yourself out of - the challenge ahead.

A record total of 253,930 people entered the ballot for the 2017 race and that number is expected to rise again this time around.

But the ballot is totally random with no weighing whatsoever - just like the draw for the National Lottery - so you have every chance of success.

No payment is due until you have discovered whether your application has been accepted.

All applicants should hear the outcome of their ballot application by mid-October.

Click here to apply and fingers crossed!