Register to vote - key closing dates for Northern Ireland

Voters will go to the polls again on July 4th
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Following the recent announcement from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the UK Parliamentary election will be held on Thursday, 4th July.

To have your say on who should become your local MP in the upcoming UK General Election on Thursday, July 4, you must first register to vote.

Voter registration for the General Election closes soon in Northern Ireland. The process takes around just five minutes and will allow you to pick your preferred candidate at the poll next month.

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Everyone who is on the official electoral register then has the choice of three voting methods: in person, by post, or by appointing a proxy to vote on their behalf.

Voting by post or proxy

If you are unable to attend the polling station on 4 July then you can apply for a temporary postal vote or proxy. You must have a reason such as 'I am away on holiday from (insert date) returning on (insert date)'.

If you are registered to vote, there are circumstances where you may not be able to get to your polling station to vote. Instead, you can apply for an absent vote. There are two types of absent votes:

  • Postal vote - this is where your ballot paper is posted to you in advance of the election. You then complete your ballot paper and post it back to us

  • Proxy vote - this is where you appoint someone you trust to vote on your behalf. They would go and vote for you in your allocated polling station

It is also not too late to apply to vote by post. The deadline is looming, however, in Northern Ireland with the closing date at 5pm on Friday, June 14.

Deadline for registering to vote in the General Election

Register by 11:59pm on Tuesday 18 June to vote in the General Election on 4 July.

Important General Election dates

Friday 14 June, 5pm – Deadline to apply for a postal or proxy vote

Tuesday 18 June, 11.59pm – Deadline to register to vote

Thursday 4 July, 7am – 10pm - Polling Day

Can I vote in the UK if I live abroad?

If you are a British or eligible Irish citizen you are allowed to vote in UK parliamentary elections even if you live abroad. You need to have previously lived in the UK or been registered to vote in the UK.

You can register to vote in the UK no matter how long ago you left. You can apply by following the instructions at this link.

Once you are registered you can either vote by post or by proxy – or in person if you are due to be in the UK on polling day. Unlike some countries, Britons abroad cannot vote at the British embassy in the country where they now live.

The application system is slightly different for people whose last address was in Northern Ireland. You can read more about that by following this link.

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