Rejoice! McDonald's is trialling a delivery service in the UK

Nick Reilly
This could soon be a reality in the UK… (Picture: Rex Features)

It’s Wednesday, or Hump Day – that midweek point when you need something truly great to push you through until the end of the week.

With that firmly in mind, we present the news that McDonalds will be trialling a delivery service in the UK from June.

It’s the stuff of dreams for all discernible connoisseurs of the golden arches – Chicken Nuggets, Big Macs and McFlurry’s all delivered to your front door.

Paul Pomroy, the UK chief executive of the fast food megalith, announced the huge development in an interview with Sky News.

Coming straight to your doorstep… (Picture: REX Features)

He said: ‘What’s obvious to us now is that customers now would like McDonald’s to look at delivery.

‘The market’s growing – I’ve been looking at that market for 18 months now – customers are starting to ask us when McDonald’s are doing delivery.

‘We think we’re going to start probably in June. We’ll start in a small, controlled way.’

McDonalds are yet to confirm how much we’ll have to pay for the privilege of their food being only the click of a button away – but we’re seriously excited about it.

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A McDonald’s spokesperson added: ‘It is no secret we have been looking at the potential of delivery in recent months. This service is offered in other markets around the world and its growth within the UK, continues to gather pace.

‘Listening to our customers, we know that this is a route they would like us to explore, and I can confirm that we are looking to launch a small delivery pilot this summer.’

And with that, we’re feeling extremely hungry again.