Relief in sight: Chicago area to see first 5 p.m. sunset of the season

The Chicago area will see its first sunset at 5 p.m. Sunday after months of afternoon darkness.

The sun will set right on the hour Sunday and get even later in the coming weeks. The last time the city saw a sunset after 5 p.m. was Nov. 4, 2023, when daylight savings were in effect, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Sunset will remain after 5 p.m. for 280 days, until Nov. 3. Periods of sunlight will continue to increase until the summer solstice June 20, according to the NOAA.

“The weather can change, but from a seasonal standpoint, warmer temperatures are on the way, certainly by March, April, May,” said meteorologist David King.

Daylight savings are set to begin March 10, pushing sunset back another hour, to 6:52 p.m.