I Rely on This Mini Dermaplaning Device to Stay Fuzz-Free While Traveling — and It’s on Sale

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Shoppers say it’s perfect for small areas, like the upper lip.



I've been DIY-dermaplaning for years. It’s fantastic. That said, maintaining silky skin post-’plane requires upkeep; a brief rendezvous with your dermaplaner once every week or so. Upkeep hardly bothers me — in fact, I enjoy the satisfaction of the slough. For years, however, I’d find myself fuzz-faced and dull-skinned halfway through any trip longer than a few days, wishing I’d packed my dermaplaner. Of course, for many reasons, doing so is a bit impractical — especially when suitcase space is limited, as it always seems to be.

The Dermaflash Mini Peach Fuzz Removal Device — a thumb-sized, travel-friendly spinoff of the original device — has single-handedly solved my woes. Since snagging the device, I am confidently fuzz-free and fully exfoliated at all times, even on the road. Whether you’re a dermaplaning novice or you, like I, own more than one full-size Dermaflash device, the Mini is a prudent purchase — particularly now, as it’s on sale for a limited time at Ulta.





The Dermaflash Mini Precision Peach Fuzz Removal Device is a small-scale version of the original, InStyle-approved Dermaflash dermaplaning device. Like the original, the Mini removes dead, dull skin and facial fuzz to reveal glowing, smooth skin — instantly. The key difference is its diminutive blade, which is perfect for sloughing small, awkward swaths of skin — e.g. above the brow or over the upper lip.

Portability is another major plus. The size of the Mini allows for touch-ups quite literally anywhere, and offers a sigh of relief for those who travel constantly and wish to remain fuzz-free while doing so. For these reasons, the Mini is among my top-tier necessities on my packing list, right up there with SPF, chargers, and medications.

Unlike the full size Dermaflash, which comes with a charging base and cord, the Mini is entirely battery-powered — which, frankly, I prefer. (If I were to show you the nest of wires, spaghetti-like and hopelessly entangled in my so-called “cord drawer,” you’d understand why.) Batteries are included, and you get three replacement blades.

Like the original device, the Mini features a single button that controls both the power and intensity of the brand’s proprietary, exfoliation-enhancing sonic vibration. The Mini is equipped with a bonus feature — a cooling metal tip designed to deflate puffy under-eyes, on its opposite end.

Shoppers are as enamored with the Dermaflash Mini as I am. “I have the regular size as well,” shares one reviewer, “but the Mini really helps me navigate my chin upper lip,” they say, in addition to between and above the brows. Another shopper calls the Mini “really effective for removing the peach fuzz on my upper lip,” dubbing it a “nifty device.” Nifty indeed — and notably discounted at 25 percent off.

For a fail-proof solution to fuzzy, dull skin on the go, shop the Dermaflash Mini Peach Fuzz Removal Device while it’s still on sale at Ulta.

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