Remarkable moment dry stream fills up to transform into fast-flowing river in matter of minutes

This is the remarkable moment a dry stream slowly fills up to transform into a fast-flowing river in a matter of minutes.

The video was filmed at Kingsdale Bore in the Yorkshire Dales last Thursday morning and captures the satisfying moment the beck fills up with water.

The footage, which has been slightly sped up in some places, shows the beck fill up a day after heavy rain and flow down towards the bridge.

Slowly creeping along the stones, the water mass suddenly turns into a thrashing river in less than four minutes.

The camera then turns to the other side of the bridge, where the water continues to flow down the top of the other side of the beck.

The video was shot by outdoor retail shop worker and avid wild swimmer Johnny Hartnell, 53, who said he'd ‘never seen the beck fill up like this before’.

Speaking about the footage, Johnny, from Ingleton, North Yorks said: “It’s a rare capture as you can never tell if and when it’s going to happen.

“I’m an avid wild swimmer and I headed up the valley at around 7am on Thursday morning to check out the water levers for a swim that evening.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it glistening in the distance.”

Kingsdale Beck rises at the mouth of Keld Head from where it flows towards Ingleton, and then becomes the River Twist, just before the famous Ingleton waterfalls walk further down the valley.

The valley is towards the east of the Yorkshire Dales.

The married father-of-two added: “I have only ever seen it dry, I have never seen the beck do what it did as it’s very rare to capture.

“It took quite a long time to fill up, it was about four minutes.

“It was really amazing to see, absolutely amazing.”

Johnny also captures other incredible nature feats, such as the inside of waterfalls and caves flooding, and uploads them on his Instagram @WildSwimmingYorkshireMan.

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