Remarkable Woman Amy Mackenzie helps brain injury survivors

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – This Remarkable Woman helps brain injury survivors throughout East Texas and beyond with her passion and dedication to nursing.

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Amy Mackenzie is a certified life care planner with a doctorate in nursing from the University of Texas at Tyler and president of a successful company.

“When it comes to preparing a life care plan for someone, any injury, but specifically for people with brain injuries, you’re basically looking at how to take them where they are with their injury and promote best outcomes for them,” Mackenzie said.

Her service for others is most visible through her tireless efforts supporting traumatic brain injury survivors.

“While starting as an ICU nurse and being worried about keeping people alive, as I had children, I became more focused on what it meant to live a better life,” Mackenzie said.

Through her critical nursing background, Mackenzie said she understands the isolating journey after an injury.

“I focused on people who were coming back from the war with IED injuries, and I was concerned about how they would come back to their normal life. That led to people with traumatic brain injuries from car wrecks or other types of injuries,” Mackenzie said.

Her sensitivity for others comes from another strong and supportive woman who always cheered her on.

“My mother would be an inspiration, and she passed away a few years ago,” Mackenzie said. “She was always just a strong woman who worked hard, [had a] full time career and then came home and gave us the best she could. And she always encouraged me to go to school and get an education.”

This remarkable woman built of versatility and leadership created Mackenzie Life Care Planning in 2018.

“We now have 30 employees. So, it’s been a lot of growth, a lot of support from the community. And we don’t just work in East Texas, we work throughout Texas and in 16 other states.”

As a certified life care planner, Mackenzie works hand-in-hand with patients and defense attorneys.

“We testify in court. So, we have to tell the truth and we have to be consistent and that’s very important in what we do here,” Mackenzie said.

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Mackenzie Life Care Planning is now a successful company that could not have been done without Mackenzie’s courage to care for the lives of others.

“In fourth grade, I read a book in the library about how a nurse and doctors had helped someone with heart disease and helped them to restore their lifestyle. Coming from a heart attack to the operation, all the way through, you know, getting back to buying groceries and walking up the stairs. That’s what inspired me to help people in that way,” Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie not only has touched the lives of traumatic brain injury survivors but has also created the East Texas Brain Injury Support Group in 2015, lighting the path for others in the community.

Mackenzie’s resilience and tenacity makes her more that just a role model, but a truly Remarkable Woman.

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