Remember when York's toilets were free - and had flowers?!

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Public loos - our letter writer remembers when York's public conveniences were free and had flowers!
Public loos - our letter writer remembers when York's public conveniences were free and had flowers!

RE: Readers letters; Geoff Robb (January 24) made me think back to our 60s hippy years. Flowers in your hair. Let me explain.

His letter very correctly complains about our cretinous York toilets that are not fit for purpose. Too much money for smelly disgusting visits.

Other touristic cities pamper their visitors with clean free toilet facilities; our tight fisted city charges. Money-spending tourists - you must complain!

In my day York had free charges, with toilets - adorned with flowers.

What happened?

Phil Shepherdson,



A question of priorities

REGARDING Russia and the Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is an absolute idiotic madman who is constantly rattling sabres at the free world and daring us to make the first move against him.

Will he try to embroil China into this state of affairs. Who knows? And God forbid he gets the backing of North Korea because that buffoon Kim Jong Un can and will launch missiles at the drop of a hat and all the opposition is interested in is whether or not a few drinks were taken during lockdown.

If any type of confrontation does take place, just who are these idiots going to point the finger of blame at?

You can rest assured it won't be at themselves.

Get a grip and wake up. Or better still. Grow up.

M Horsman,

Moorland Road,


Change the record please

FOR goodness sake Geoff Robb (Letter January 26) put another record on the turntable.

For three years he has had many infantile name-calling letters aimed at the majority of York Remain Brexit voters.

He has the nerve to mention "fair".

Yes he can gloat over a hollow victory gained with a pack of lies and deceit.

Obviously our reader has no qualms how this pathetic travesty was obtained.

William Moore,

Lochrin Place,


Thanks for the letter

THANK you for the article in The Press about World Leprosy Day.

My church supports the Leprosy Mission which has worked for many years to stamp out leprosy in several areas of the world.

The Anandaban Hospital in Nepal works to diagnose, treat leprosy and deal with disabilities.

On World Leprosy Day this year the special fundraising is raising money to rebuild the research Centre at Anandaban Hospital.

Here they are doing ground-breaking research into making early diagnosis using a smart phone.

Early diagnosis can lead to a complete recovery.

Anne Horner,

Carrington Avenue,


Must we have these adverts?

I KNOW we've had a rotten couple of years, but please!

Must we have regular adverts for cremation and funeral plans every few minutes on TV?

Really does you the world of good!

Eunice Birch,

Coombs Close,

Sutton on Forest,


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