Remembrance Sunday Poppies won’t contain plastic next year

Poppies serve as a physical reminder of all those who have served and sacrificed (Steve Parsons/PA)
Poppies serve as a physical reminder of all those who have served and sacrificed (Steve Parsons/PA)

For the first time in 54 years, poppies won't include plastic.

After campaigners urged the Royal British Legion to make their poppies plastic-free, bosses are working on creating a new substance to reduce non-biodegradable waste.

Poppies are traditionally worn from October 31, 11 days before Remembrance Day, which falls every year on November 11. Poppies serve as a physical reminder for all the armed forces members who have died in the line of duty.

The Royal British Legion stated that this year they “have been working with suppliers and the required experts to produce a new poppy that has a low impact on the environment”.

More than 45 million poppies are sold throughout England, Wales, and Northern Ireland in November each year.

What are poppies made out of and what will it contain instead of plastic?

What are poppies made out of?

Poppies come from the poppy factory in Richmond.

A plastic stem is brought into the factory and used to create each poppy. Machines are then used to cut out the paper petals and leaves. These are put together at the factory using a plastic button.

Poppy wreaths are different – they are made using fabric materials instead of paper. The Royal family’s remembrance wreaths are assembled at the same factory.

What will the new poppies contain?

The Royal British Legion is planning on scrapping the plastic stem for a new biodegradable material that has not yet been disclosed.

The charity also sells virtual poppies to reduce waste and will allow people to recycle used poppies so they can be worn next year.

The radical change will not impact this year’s poppy appeal, the Sun reports.

Meanwhile fiberboard has taken the place of the plastic sheets on the 130,000 poppies wreaths that are displayed at cenotaphs and military memorials.

Where can I buy poppies?

You can find poppies being sold everywhere from train stations to shops, cafes, your local high street, and other public places.