That reminds me: A photographic look through the years

The RNLI Cabaret
The RNLI Cabaret

In his latest column, JEFF DUNN looks at several photos which encapsulates the community spirit in Milford Haven of years gone by.

This week's pictorial Milford memory box spans around 70 years, and I'm hoping that each of the five snaps will help to remind us all of happier times, when fun and laughter weren't the scarce commodities they are today.

Starting with a whizz back to 1927, almost a decade after WW1 ended, and was the year when the aviator folk hero, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, in his single engined mono plane, "Spirit of St Louis," became the first to fly solo across the Atlantic.

Our pic shows a charabanc full of ladies all "dressed-up," ready and waiting to head out for a Sunday jaunt to Llanstephan. It's the St Katharine's Mothers' Union.

Before becoming an early form of motor coach, a Charabanc was originally horse drawn, and they always remind me of the tales in the early "Just William" books that I've loved so much.

The second photo takes us back to the 1950's, when Doris Day had a "Secret Love," and we were all singing along to the Stargazers' " I see the moon."

It was a time of "Regattas," and this particular one is of a Hakin Point regatta.

In the 1951 Festival of Britain Regatta programme, as well as the sailing and motor boat races, there were also swimming events at the hugely popular Rath outdoor swimming pool, and to round off the day there was "A Grand Regatta Carnival Dance at the Masonic Hall, so you could trip the light fantastic to the sounds of the "Astorians augmented Band."

And here's a snap of them smiling away in full flow ..Eric Robson, Tommy Rowlands, Eric White, Ritchie Narbett and Billy Hughes. I was never really into "sailing," my only aquatic activities as a kid, apart from swimming in the Pool Scotch Bay, Milford Beach and Gellyswick..included paddling a "KonTiki" raft, gloriously built by our Pill gang, across to the docks...then returning and sailing "majestically" under the Mine Depot bridge and into the welcoming waters of the Pill.

And now we leap forward to 1975, to a "Victorian themed" cabaret night in the company of the unmistakable RNLI , who never failed to raise a smile as they entertained as only they could.

This snap shows those on stage "giving some welly" to the hugely popular 1900's song... "She's only a bird in a gilded cage".....Oh, come on...will someone please bring back some magical Music Hall type entertainment to make us feel good...

Although our final photo this week came with no details, I'm guessing it's from 1990, when Milford's Bicentennial celebrations were in full swing...and shows a happy group all dressed for the occasion. I'm sure that someone will tell me if I'm wrong.

That's nearly it for another week, I hope some of the snaps raised a smile...but I'm closing on a sad note.

One of my oldest friends, Hughie Treloar, has passed away, and although we'd lost touch over the often happens when life gets in the way...during the late 1950's, and most of the 1960's, we shared so many laughs and adventures. We were both in the four piece combo 4More, gigging in local pubs and clubs; we were in the same Spirit Vaults darts team...and we even had a hilarious week together in Butlins, Pwllhelli. Every memory of him will always be a happy one and bring a smile to my face, and my sincere condolences go to Sheila and to all the family.

As usual, I leave you with someone else's thoughts...this time from Ronald Reagan.."You know by the time you reach my age, you've made plenty of mistakes.. if you've lived your life properly."

See you soon...take care and please stay safe.