How to remove moss from your patio using method experts say is 'magic solution'

Moss covering paving
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Moss is typically found growing on hard surfaces such as patios, decking, garden paths and driveways, as well as lawns. As the weather begins to warm up, you might consider cleaning your patio, which can look a bit grimy after the winter months.

This grime often includes a build-up of moss that can be difficult to remove without specialist knowledge. If left unchecked, moss can continue to grow between paving until it completely covers your patio or until it's cleaned.

North East Paving and Gardens, experts in paving and gardening, have shared an eco-friendly method for removing moss from patios. Rather than using a store-bought moss killer or bleach, they suggest using sodium percarbonate.

They stated: "Sodium percarbonate is the best and a magic solution to remove moss from patios."

This free-flowing powder, made of hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate, can be purchased in bags up to 25kg. Sodium percarbonate is primarily used as a bleaching agent in cleaning products and doesn't release any harmful chemicals, unlike bleach, reports the Express.

The experts advise that households will need 40g of sodium percarbonate per square metre. They added: "Sodium percarbonate needs water for the magic to happen, so sprinkle it on the surface before rain is forecast or dampen it with a hose."

The granules dissolve, creating oxygen that penetrates the crevices and cracks, "killing the rhizoids and preventing regrowth". The moss "should die and become yellow in a few hours" - at which point, it will be "very easy to remove" using a stiff broom, brush or power washer.

Favourable comments from customers who used sodium percarbonate to eradicate patio moss suggested the product yielded "great results". Not only did they see improvements on their patio, but they were also "amazed" at how well it worked to brighten up laundry.

Separately, experts suggest that households could use something as simple as baking soda to get rid of patio moss because it alters the pH level. Given that moss is partial to growing at a pH level of around five to six, it "will die" if this level rises.