Renewed hope in Jay Slater search as hunters join efforts in Tenerife

A photo of people searching for Jay Slater
-Credit: (Image: Stan Kujawa)

There's a glimmer of hope for the family of missing British teenager Jay Slater, as a potential breakthrough looms with hunters and their dogs set to comb through the Tenerife locale where he vanished.

The 19 year old apprentice bricklayer from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, has been missing since June 17, sparking a major search effort. Slater was last seen departing on foot from his Airbnb in Masca, a small village nestled in the north of the Canary Island, which is a significant trekaround 11 hours by footfrom his accommodation.

Despite extensive searches by rescue teams, there has been no trace of the young man. Yet, optimism has been rekindled after a local woman from Los Carrizales, just northwest of Masca, made observations that could prove crucial. She noted that only one Guardia Civil police car had been seen in the area on Saturday.

In a conversation with Sky News, she pointed out that the upcoming partridge hunting season might boost the likelihood of finding him. "There will be different people in the area and a better chance of finding him," she told the Mirror.

The partridge hunting season is due to kick off in early August, but there have already been sightings of hunters gearing up their dogs in the area as next month approaches. A Sky News correspondent spotted two hunters with a pack of dogs on Sunday in the same vicinity where local walkers and Slater's family have been searching.

A photo of Jay Slater
Jay Slater is missing in Tenerife -Credit:Supplied

The mystery surrounding what might have happened to Slater deepens with each passing day, particularly as no trace of him has been found in the last three weeks. Adding to the worry, it emerged last week that one of the last people seen with the teenager is a known drug trafficker.

TV detective Mark Williams-Thomas disclosed new findings in the investigation into Jay Slater's disappearance, pointing to a criminal network connected to drugs, violence, and theft. He said: "As part of this investigation we have sought to speak with all of the people Jay had contact with whilst in Tenerife."

"The result of this digging has opened up an established criminal network with links to drugs, violent crime and theft. At this stage I cannot expand any further on what we now know. I'm unable to say if this network has anything to do with Jay's disappearance but remain open-minded as we continue to investigate."

Debbie Duncan, Jay's mother, has vowed to remain in Tenerife until her son is located. She has updated a GoFundMe page which has gathered over £51,680 in donations to support the search for her son.

"We have been contacted by a wonderful group of locals who have volunteered to continue the search," she said. "While they don't wish to accept financial help for their search, we will be supporting them with supplies and are so grateful for their willingness to help."

"We also continue to be contacted by experienced groups offering to support our search. We are busy talking to them about what they can do to assist. But in order for us to employ their help, they need to have permission from the Spanish authorities."

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