Report: Bears, Khalil Mack agree to $141 million six-year extension

Aaron Donald got to say he was the highest paid defensive player in NFL history for a little more than 24 hours.

The Chicago Bears and Khalil Mack have reportedly agreed to a massive six-year extension for the 27-year-old All-Pro.

Six years, $141 million

Via ESPN, Mack’s deal is for $141 million and includes $90 million guaranteed and $60 million at signing.

That’s an average of $23.5 million per year, which is money usually only seen given to quarterbacks.

Khalil Mack and the Chicago Bears have reportedly agreed to a record-breaking six-year contract extension. (AP)

Adding in his fully guaranteed 2018 salary of $13.85 million which is the fifth and final year of his rookie contract, Mack is on paper to earn $155 million over seven years.

Chicago and Mack’s agent, Joel Segal, reportedly began working Friday night and through Saturday on the deal.

Bears surprisingly scoop up Mack

This has been a banner day for the Bears; as rumors started to circulate that the Raiders would consider trading one of the best young defensive players in the league – Mack is the only player to be chosen first-team All-Pro at two positions in the same year, in 2015 – Chicago wasn’t initially among those believed to be in the running.

But Chicago met Oakland’s exorbitant demand, giving up its first-round pick in 2019 and 2020 as well as a 2020 third-round pick and 2019 sixth-rounder to get Mack, plus a second-round pick and conditional fifth-rounder in 2020.

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