A Reporter Has 'Heard Good Things' About Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley. What Jerry Bruckheimer Had To Say In Response

 Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.
Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.

Top Gun: Maverick successfully brought back one of the best '80s movies to massive success at the box office. Now, another film of the same era, also produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, is looking to do the same on the small screen. The Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F release date on Netflix is next month, and it sounds like it might also be a big hit.

Jerry Bruckheimer recently spoke with THR about his recent successes and upcoming 2024 movies, and during the discussion, the reporter mentioned that the early buzz for the new Beverly Hills Cop movie has been quite good. Bruckheimer says the reason for that is that while the movie will have all the action and laughs we expect, it also has an emotional core that audiences will likely respond to. He explained…

It’s, again, all about emotion. [Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F] is an emotional story between [Axel] and his estranged daughter [Taylour Paige], so it’s about how we bring them back together again through the course of the movie. But we still have all the bells and whistles: the humor, the action and all those kinds of things that you expect when you see Axel.

The Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F trailer shows us the storyline that Jerry Bruckheimer is talking about. We see Eddie Murphy’s character try to call his daughter when he’s in Beverly Hills, only for her to hang up on him. We also see them together in some other shots in the trailer, so they likely have plenty of time to work through their issues as father and daughter find a way to reconnect.

While any good movie needs some way to emotionally engage its audience, a good Beverly Hills Cop movie also requires great action and humor. Jerry Bruckheimer promises that the new film has that. Eddie Murphy has admitted the action part was tough, as he’s 40 years older than he was in the original Beverly Hills Cop, but if the movie is able to be as much fun as the groundbreaking original, we’re all in for a treat.

The Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F cast reunites most of the core characters of the previous films. In that way, the movie is very much like Top Gun: Maverick as it celebrates the original while taking the story in a new direction that makes sense based on the time that has passed.

Of course, gaging success for Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F will be a little different than gaging it for Top Gun: Maverick. There won’t be box office receipts to count. Instead, there will be viewership numbers that Netflix will choose when, or if, to release. But considering just how many hundreds of millions of people have Netflix, the number who might watch the new movie could actually exceed that of Top Gun: Maverick.