What reporters do that annoy NHL players the most

The dressing room is a sacred place for hockey players. It is where they prepare for games, plan how they’ll take down their opponents and grow closer while going through the many emotions of an NHL season.

The media are lucky to have the opportunity to enter this space and ask the questions they want answered. There are rules, though, and they must be respected.

It has been said that rules are meant to be broken in life. That is definitely not true in an NHL dressing room. (Getty)

As a young reporter and writer in the sport media landscape, I wanted to be sure that I didn’t make any mistakes when I entered a dressing room myself. Therefore, Steven Psihogios (a fellow rookie at Yahoo Canada Sports) and I asked a few NHL players at the BioSteel Camp in Toronto at the end of August the things we should avoid.

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You’d think that some of these tips are obvious, but it turns out players have seen a lot during their careers.

Come on though. Not knowing the name of the player you’re asking a question to is pretty ridiculous.

Anyway, check out the video to find out what Rob O’Reilly, Derek Nurse, Todd Wilson and Roger Fabbri had to say about media etiquette in the dressing room. (*winks*)

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