Reports Claim Miss Bumbum Winner Is Launching 'Cease & Desist Case' Against Cristiano Ronaldo

Ben Davies

The winner of Brazilian pageant 'Miss BumBum 2016' is reportedly suing Real Madrid attacker Cristiano Ronaldo for sexual harassment, following his behaviour after she had ended an alleged two-month fling with the Portuguese forward last year.

Erika Canela claims she was sent 'offensive and insulting' messages when she broke up with the Real Madrid star, threatening to 'ruin her life' but admits he did not know if they were actually from him or someone else, as reported by the ​Daily Mail.

She claims to have been on the end of “offensive and insulting” messages after breaking things off with Ronaldo - who had been inviting her to his homes in Madrid and Lisbon.

“They called me a whore and said they would ruin my life," Canela (Miss BumBum) is quoted as saying. “I don’t know if they were from him or someone else.

“I stopped eating, couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to go out any more.”

Lawyers of the former medical student have launched a cease and desist case against Ronaldo, claiming his actions were 'humiliating' and have 'profoundly affected her emotional state'.